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General Questions About Poni®

Which transfers are currently available?
    Poni is currently available only for domestic Mexico or US to Mexico transfers.

Where are the money transfers paid?
    Transfers are paid in pesos at any Mexican ATM machine.

Do I need a bank account or a debit card account to use the ATM?
           No, you just need a Poni Cash Card, widely available in Mexico for 5 pesos.  This card has no relationship to a person.

How does Poni work?
    A sender buys a Poni PIN.  The sender discloses the PIN number to their recipient by phone or text message. The recipient  
    uses a Poni Cash Card with the PIN at any ATM to retrieve the full peso amount sent.

How much money can I transfer in one transaction?
           From $500 pesos to $3,000 pesos in increments of 100 pesos.

Are there limits on how much money I can transfer?
           Yes.  You can only transfer a maximum of $3,000 pesos per day and USD $1,500 per month.  

Which currency do I use to buy a Poni PIN?
    You pay for the PIN in the local currency of the purchase.  For example, you pay in US Dollars in the US and pesos in Mexico

Can I use a credit card to purchase a Poni PIN?
           No, the purchased PIN is immediately redeemable as cash

Is my transfer guaranteed?
          Yes. Any unredeemed PIN can be refunded for the full amount by calling our Customer Service.  

Where can I buy a Poni PIN?
          Click here to find a participating Poni retailer.